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We are a leading company in the field of medical and surgical technology distribution

We have over 25 years experience and are present in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Our raison d’être is to create value for the specialist through three axes:


The latest progresses, designs and materials always help both the patient and the surgeon. Through MBA Innovation Cell we launch and coordinate this innovative culture.


at we have always done. What's in our blood. What distinguishes us from others. It is our motto and what represents MBA SURGICAL EMPOWERMENT.


Our firm commitment to scientific development has led to the creation of an independent body to channel the scientific knowledge, the MBA Institute.


To provide value to healthcare professionals

Our values

Knowledge. Our more than 25 years of experience on the market, together with the top-level qualifications of our team of professionals, has enabled us to obtain thorough knowledge of the healthcare sector. We have grown and developed together, creating a turning point, a before and after, on the market, and now we continue to advance in accordance with the new demands of our field of activity.

Stability. Our work culture is oriented to achieving a stable and equilibrated business in an environment governed by respect, transparency and consistency. We believe that only on solid foundations can we continue to grow, and we work toward this each day with this conviction.

Trust. Our vocation for customer service and our ability to respond, the value that we provide to the healthcare professionals with which we work, together with the quality of the products that we market, means that we are considered an honest and trustworthy partner.

Our vision is supported by our history



MBA starts up in Asturias, marking a turning point in the understanding of traumatology and orthopedics.

New areas ...


MBA began expansión across Spain:  Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia...

...and new products


New solutions and divisions are incorporated.



From our success in anaesthesia BISOER is created.



International expansion begins, taking the first step in Portugal. 



Total coverage is achieved in the Iberian Peninsula.



From our experience in Portugal we opened up offices in Italy.



MBA becomes the leading independient company in its sector in Europe 



N+1, now ALANTRA, a leading global investmet bank, acquires the majority of MBA's share capital



MBA Institute is created.



MBA moves to its new headquarters, Silos del Intra, awarded best National Civil Engineering Project 2013.



MBA begins a new chapter with profund changes in strategy, management team and business approach.



The Brand is updated and  MBA SURGICAL EMPOWERMENT is born. MBA and BIOSER will opérate under this global Brand.

Seeking balance around us

MBA strives to seek a balance between the progress of our work, the momentum of the environmental protection and the social development. We know that the goal is ambitious and that’s the reason why we devote our time and energies to three lines of action:

MBA Chair of Biomechanics

A joint initiative of MBA and the University of Oviedo in order to spread the most innovative developments in the field of biomechanical design and to project research in this field to potential users.

Social action

This line of action of MBA SURGICAL EMPOWERMENTS coordinates all programs and resources of social action that are generated from the company, such as contributions to various NGOs or specific collaborations with projects underway in Chad, Burundi and India.

Active policy of environmental protection

That has leads us to achieve ISO 14001 certification by Lloyd's Register and to establish concern for our environment as a company policy.

Space for relevant communications to shareholders of the company

Call Ordinary Meeting 27-06-2018, publication date: 04-06-2017 

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