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Big problems need big solutions

Throughout our 25 years experience we have expanded our range of solutions Trauma and Orthopedics. Year after year we have seen results, analyzed trends and tested new materials to decide whether they were suitable for the needs of surgeons and patients.

With the time, this process has become a ritual in MBA and has allowed us to build one of the most comprehensive, safe and technological portfolios across the market.

  • Knee
  • Hip
  • Shoulder
  • Other joints
  • Tumors and mayors reconstructions
  • Biological
  • Spine
  • Trauma


The fact of having participated in more than 60,000 knee surgeries has allowed us to know their needs at all times and see the evolution of all their patients. Thanks to this experience we have been able to build a complete set of solutions with the perfect balance of quality, innovation and results.

Depending on the type of intervention in the knee joint, our range of solutions include:

  • Early intervention
    • Meniscus implant
  • Primary
    • Knee prosthesis
    • Anti-allergic System Review
  • Revision
    • Revision System
    • Sistema de revisión antialérgico.
  • Special
    • Knee Arthrodesis Implant


The hip arthroplasty is a mature and highly proven surgical procedure. However, new techniques and new materials keep arising that allow this joint replacement to evolve.

The MBA hip portfolio combines solvent and proven solutions with materials of the future that begin to set a trend.

Depending on the type of intervention in the hip joint, our range of solutions include:

  • Early intervention
    • Short stem
    • Acetabulum Interposition System
  • Primary
    • Cemented stems
    • Uncemented stems
    • Cups and Heads
  • Traumatic
    • Cemented stems
    • Uncemented stems
    • Cups and Heads
  • Revision
    • Revision stems
    • Periprosthetic Fracture Plate
  • Special
    • Modular Neck System


Being a highly disabling disease, together with the improvement of technology and products that have been launched and more specialized surgeons around this joint, the processes around the shoulder have increased exponentially in the last 10 years.

MBA not only presents one of the most complete portfolios of the market, but we also provide the shoulder surgeon with the conviction of implanting a range of solutions developed with the help of international key opinion leaders.

Depending on the type of intervention in the shoulder joint, our range of solutions include:

  • Early intervention
    • Resurfacing Humeral Head
    • Stemless Arthroplasty System
    • Arthrosopic suture and anchorages
  • Degenerative
    • Anatomical System
    • Inverted System
    • Offset Increase System by Bone Grafts
  • Traumatic
    • Anatomical System
    • Inverted System
  • Revision
  • Special

Other joints

Because patients are also demanding a remedy against pain or mobility problems they have on their elbow, hand, wrist or ankle.

Because it is not always easy to find a good solution for the pathologies of these joints.

For all this, and with the goal to serve our patients, MBA provides the orthopedic and trauma surgeon a competitive and complementary range of solutions to cover the main joint problems:

  • Elbow
    • Elbow Prosthesis and Hemiprosthesis
  • Hand and Wrist
    • Trapezio-metacarpal Prosthesis
    • Hand Prosthetic Solutions
  • Ankle and foot
    • Foot Prosthetic Solutions
    • Ankle Prosthesis

Tumors and major reconstructions

The treatment of major bone defects in cases of major reconstructions and in cases of orthopedic oncology is dominated by surgical techniques whose main objective is to preserve the affected limbs.

MBA offers a full range of prosthetic solutions for these cases both for upper limbs and lower limbs, comprising modular solutions, custom made solutions or special coatings.

  • Upper Limb
  • Lower Limb


We refer to those products or systems resulting from a biological or biochemical process that promotes the repair, replacement or regeneration of musculoskeletal structures.

In MBA, we believe that the future lies in these innovations. So we like to be very attentive to all the innovations that may arise in this field to incorporate them into our portfolio.

Currently, MBA has the following products:

  • Autologous Fibrin
  • Platelet Extracts
  • Allografts
  • Bone Substitutes
  • Cement and bone spacers
  • Non-adherent Barrier
  • Structural support


MBA offers a complete range of solutions for the spine to meet the needs of both patients and the surgical team. Thus, we have traditional systems and innovative options that allow the surgeon to select the most appropriate treatment for each patient at his discretion, showing a variety of implants, devices and instruments for cervical, thoracolumbar and sacral to suit the most demanding preferences.

From the point of view of materials, MBA bets for innovation by proposing a range of options ranging from the most traditional ones such as titanium, cobalt chrome or steel, to synthetic materials such as PEEK or the most revolutionary materials of polymer matrix with a metallic coating.

As for the possibilities of the alternatives, we have conservative treatment systems, systems that help preserve the joint mobility, solutions for the treatment of deformities in both adolescents and adults, instrumental and minimally invasive percutaneous procedures or anterior and posterior approach systems; in short, a specific solution for every need.

  • Cervical
  • Thoraco - Lumbar
  • MIS
  • Spine Reinforcement


The MBA range of trauma products offers a variety of innovative and minimally invasive solutions aimed at helping improve the quality of life of patients.

All our products have been carefully designed with the main goal of improving the state of the bones and joints of patients of all ages, helping them recover mobility and thus recover a more active lifestyle like the one they had before their episode.

The current product range offers complete solutions for treatments through internal and external fixation systems.

  • Internal fixation
    • Nails
    • Plates and Screws
  • External Fixation
    • Monolateral fixators
    • Circular fixators
  • Bone Stimulators
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