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Innovative culture

It is a multidisciplinary body whose function is to promote and manage the innovative culture within MBA. It is a response to the demand for innovation of the market where MBA develops its activity.

It currently has two lines of action:


In 2010, MBA created the Centro de Investigación de Sistemas Avanzados Biomecánicos CiSAb, along with the University of Oviedo.

The aim of this center is to research, analyze and develop new medical technologies.

The pace of innovation around the healthcare market is dizzying and that’s the reason why it became necessary to create an institution to study and analyze any new technology (materials, design) to understand its real impact.

Also, CiSAb encourages innovation with actions like the "Ingeniería en positivo" awards (www.premiosingenieria.org). These awards are intended to promote the development of ideas in a “positive” way among young engineers, to help them improve the quality of life of the people.

Innovation in management

As a broader goal that covers any department of the company which is likely to improve through an innovative process:

  • Reengineering or procedures
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Creation of operational frameworks
  • Technological renovation

To do this, we rely on other partners as PRODINTEC, a technology center specialized in design and industrial production, in an effort to apply innovative technologies and methodologies both to our products and to our processes.

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