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Big problems need big solutions

Throughout our 25 years experience we have expanded our range of solutions Trauma and Orthopedics. Year after year we have seen results, analyzed trends and tested new materials to decide whether they were suitable for the needs of surgeons and patients.

With the time, this process has become a ritual in MBA and has allowed us to build one of the most comprehensive, safe and technological portfolios across the market.


We refer to those products or systems resulting from a biological or biochemical process that promotes the repair, replacement or regeneration of musculoskeletal structures.

In MBA, we believe that the future lies in these innovations. So we like to be very attentive to all the innovations that may arise in this field to incorporate them into our portfolio.

Currently, MBA has the following products:


MBA offers a complete range of solutions for the spine to meet the needs of both patients and the surgical team. Thus, we have traditional systems and innovative options that allow the surgeon to select the most appropriate treatment for each patient at his discretion, showing a variety of implants, devices and instruments for cervical, thoracolumbar and sacral to suit the most demanding preferences.

From the point of view of materials, MBA bets for innovation by proposing a range of options ranging from the most traditional ones such as titanium, cobalt chrome or steel, to synthetic materials such as PEEK or the most revolutionary materials of polymer matrix with a metallic coating.

As for the possibilities of the alternatives, we have conservative treatment systems, systems that help preserve the joint mobility, solutions for the treatment of deformities in both adolescents and adults, instrumental and minimally invasive percutaneous procedures or anterior and posterior approach systems; in short, a specific solution for every need.

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