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MBA INSTITUTE is a tool that develops the scientific knowledge that is generated around MBA SURGICAL EMPOWERMENT’s work and environment.

Coordinating clinical trials, supporting medical research, managing R&D projects, negotiating to agreements with institutions and research centers… MBA INSTITUTE covers all of these and many other activities within the scope of its work.

In order to organize our resources in the best way possible, we divide our work into two parts: INNOVATION and INVESTIGATION.


Adaptability and proximity are two of the principles that define our work. From collaborating with social projects to managing large R&D projects, MBA INSTITUTE is in charge of completing a wide array of very different activities related with medicine and industry.

Among our usual line of work is the development of clinical guides and support material for doctors and patients, the participation in multinational innovation projects, the creation of  tailor-made medical software and applications, the implantation of quick rehabilitation plans and, in general, starting up ideas related with social and technological development of MBA SURGICAL EMPOWERMENT.


Medical research is key to improving treatments and developing new techniques and products. Nevertheless, the case load healthcare professionals have and the lack of methodological training limits their research work.

MBA INSTITUTE offers integral support to health professionals that want to carry out research that operate within the MBA SURGICAL EMPOWERMENT environment. From study design, data collection and processing, to manuscript writing, our personnel provide researchers the resources they need to make strides in their discoveries.

We are currently collaborating on the following projects:


Novel Marine Biomolecules Against Biofilms. Application to Medical Devices.

  • Programa: H2020 – European Commission (Agreement nº 634588)
  • Presupuesto: 7.651.315,00 €
  • Duración: April 2015 – April 2019
  • Enlace web:


IDE/2016/000152 “Implementation of Anti-Friction Micro-Textures Through Additive Manufacturing in Joint Replacements with Metal and Polyethylene Friction Pairs”.


Sustainable and Flexible Powder Metallurgy Processes Optimization by a Holistic Reduction of Raw Material Resources and Energy Consumption.

  • Programa: H2020 – European Commission (Agreement nº 768612)
  • Presupuesto: 9.810.118,75 €
  • Duración: September 2017 – August 2020
  • Enlace web:

Support for medical research and innovation

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